Dreams of the Space Age (hardback)

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Yuri Gagarin goes to Mars. The Voyager 1 space probe carries an astronaut to the edge of the Solar System. The first man in space is an American boxer. These are just some of the re-imaginings of the Space Race contained in this slim collection of tautly-written tales. Rigorously researched, they feature rocket sleds, Space Age fashion and the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space programmes. This is the Right Stuff, it put twelve men on the Moon and could have put a husband and wife on Mars. But all that ended in 1972, when the crew of Apollo 17 splashed down in the Atlantic. All we have now is nostalgia, a slowly fading yearning for more adventurous and optimistic times. All we have now are... DREAMS OF THE SPACE AGE.

Seven stories of alternate Space Races, previously published in BFS Journal, Postscripts, Litro, The Fiction Desk and elsewhere. Introduction by Dave Hutchinson, author of Europe in Autumn and Europe at Midnight.

Signed and numbered hardback limited to 75 copies

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