The Eye With Which The Universe Beholds Itself (hardback)

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For fifteen years, Earth has had a scientific station on an exoplanet orbiting Gliese 876. It is humanity’s only presence outside the Solar System. But a new and powerful telescope at L5 can detect no evidence of Phaeton Base, even though it should be able to. So the US has sent Brigadier Colonel Bradley Elliott, USAF, to investigate. Twenty years before, Elliott was the first, and to date only, man to land on the Martian surface. What he discovered there gave the US the stars, but it might also be responsible for the disappearance of Phaeton Base…

Signed and numbered hardback limited to 75 copies

"We are now halfway into The Apollo Quartet, and it is already clear that Ian Sales is producing a very considerable work. This is, quite genuinely, rocket science" -- Dave Hutchinson, author of The Push

"In a time when too much SF is mired in the mundane or away with the fairies, we need more like this" -- Ken MacLeod, author of Intrusion

"a fascinating and compelling read" -- Chris Beckett, author of Dark Eden

"This is Space Race sf for people who think Space Race sf is sentimental crap" -- Paul Graham Raven

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