Invader, CJ Cherryh (hardback)

Invader, CJ Cherryh (hardback)

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Nearly two centuries ago  the starship Phoenix disappeared into the heavens, leaving an isolated colony of humans alone on the world of the atevi. Over the ensuing years this small colony of humans struggled to reach an understanding with theior alien overlords. And an understanding of sorts had finally been achieved - allowing humanity to live in peaceful isolation on the island of Mospheira, while a sole human representative to the atevi court, the paidhi, acted as official translator, trading bits of advanced human technology for the continued safety of his people.

This is the second book of the first atevi trilofy, following directly on from Foreigner.

Published by DAW in 1995.

First edition hardback in near fine condition, though some of the gilt lettering of the author's name and book title has rubbed off on the front cover.

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