The Farthest Shore, Ursula K Le Guin (hardback)

The Farthest Shore, Ursula K Le Guin (hardback)

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In the third and final part of the Earthsea trilogy, Ursula Le Guin brings to a magnificent end the saga begun in A Wizard of Earthsea and The Tombs of Atuan.

Young Arren, Prince of Enlad, brings disquieting news to the Wizard Sparrowhawk, now Archmage of roke: he tells how the powers of wizardry, spells and chants have gone from his island. Hastily , Sparrowhawk summons a council of mages and discovers that some strange, mad power is drying up true magic throughout all the islands of the archipelago of Earthsea. Prosperity is waning and the people have become discontented.

Published in 1973 by Gollancz.

First edition hardback in fine condition.

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