Operation Ares, Gene Wolfe (hardback)

Operation Ares, Gene Wolfe (hardback)

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The invasion from Mars came in the early years of the twenty first century. And all over America people were praying for it to succeed...

For two decades the United States had been slipping into a primitive past, turning its back on technology - and abandoning its Martian colony. Its 'emergency' government was kept in power by repression, food was scarce, life grim... and killer packs of wild animals prowled at night, making curfews a vital need.

Then the 'Martian's came back. An obscure teacher, John Castle, was among the first to see the invaders - and made a desperate bid to aid them. He failed then, but there was a strange role waiting for Castle to play...

Published by Dobson in 1977.

First edition hardback in fine condition.

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