Welcome to the Whippleshield Books Shop


Whippleshield Books is a small press based in the UK which focuses exclusively on literary hard science fiction and space fiction. We believe that science fiction does not need implausible gosh-wow special effects and over-the-top space-operatics in order to be good science fiction. There is more than sufficient drama and wonder in the real universe.

The press was founded in April 2012 by Ian Sales, initially to publish his Apollo Quartet series of linked novellas. From the start, it was always intended that Whippleshield Books would be open to submissions of a particular type of science fiction of sufficiently high quality.

Whippleshield Books is currently on hiatus. It may at some point in the future re-activate but at present any timeline for that would be entirely speculative. 

If you require any further information on books published by Whippleshield Books, please email sales@whippleshieldbooks.com.